Welcome to Our Hearts Aligned! We are an Ouat/KH site set in Once Upon a Time season 2, nothing is set in stone after that point. The Seekers are in town looking for eight Pure Hearted maidens to gain what they've lost.

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Book of Prophesies

Last post in F.A.Q by Faust
All must read information is kept in here!

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All updates and announcements will be posted in here.

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All dead and finished threads will be moved in here!

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Dive to the Heart
Please find here our application template and post here your application so it can be reviewed by an staff member.

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Please find here the accepted applications, categorized by member group.

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Character plotting is done in here! We have Plotters, Want Ads, and Trackers

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Last post in Keyblade Claim by Lissa
All claims are done in here!

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This is where people live and sleep in Storybrooke.

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If your character owns a business or shop of some kind it will be in here.

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Where the Mayor and other town officials come to make decisions.
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A wide forest, at the edge you'll find the white wall that surrounds the whole town.
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Boats and fisherman dwell here.
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The town line, once someone crosses they lose their memories and return to their cursed self.
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Anywhere other place in the town is located in this board.
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Other Realms


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The land where all the fairytale characters come from.
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The real world, where we all live!
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Land of the lost boys and Peter Pan where people never age or grow up.
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OZ •

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Land of the so called wizard and the Wicked Witch
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All must read information is kept in here!
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Beyond The Realms

Out of Time

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All threads based in the past or future are done in here!
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Alternate Universe

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Any AU threads you wish to do may be done in here!
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Out of Character


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Place all your advertisements in here!

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Post fun forum games in here!

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If you're leaving the site or taking a leave of absence let us know here!

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